Are You Hungry Or Just Emotional?

Are You Hungry Or Just Emotional?

Its no surprise that when we hear our stomachs grumble…we feel impulsed to satisfy our bodies calling. But what if this “feeling” in our stomach is competing with our brains. How can we really tell when our bodies needs food versus allowing our emotions trick our brains?

Here are some quick tips that can help you tell the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger to hopefully improve your lifestyle…not to mention that waist line.




1. Causes satisfaction, NOT guilt.


2. You can be satisfied with any type of food.


3. Comes on gradually


4. Once you’re full, you can stop eating. You have full self control.








1. Leaves you feeling guilty and regretful.


2. Causes specific cravings…chocolate, pizza, fast food, ice-cream…  Notice a trend?


3. Comes on suddenly. Feels urgent and uncontrollable.


4. Eat more than you normally would. Feel uncomfortably full.


Of course these are only a few ways to determine the truth behind your hunger. My spark of interest in the psychology of hunger stemmed from Mindful Me, A Woman’s Guide to Body Confidence, part of the Dove self-esteem project.


Get Inspired and read the guide here



“If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, you’re not really hungry, you’re just bored” 



So the next time you get in a fight with your boyfriend and reach for that container of ice cream, use these tips and save yourself from a long road of regret!




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