Denim Trend: The More Rips The Better

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Jeans are just easy… and the older I get, the greater my relationship gets with my denim drawer. I’m not just talking about any old pair of jeans. I’m talking about that pair that makes your grandpa stare in shock and have grandma challenge why you spent $160 on an article of clothing that, in there eyes, could pass as a homeless mans hand-me-downs. They are the kind of jeans that anyone ages 16-28 love to wear because lets be real… they look trendy as hell.

My mom always yells at me for the holes in my pants. She says I look messy and not quite put together…but I refuse to listen. I think it is all about balance. When I go to my drawer and throw on my favorite pair of LF jeans with holes up and down each leg, I compliment them with a shirt that is simple and clean to keep the outfit classy.

Here are my favorite looks with distressed jeans:

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