Save Your Skin: Top Products For The Cold Months Ahead

Save Your Skin: Top Products For The Cold Months Ahead

There is nothing worse than waking up with dry, cracking skin. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combo, or you were blessed with perfect normal skin…all of our bodies have suffered from the effects of the unwelcoming winter air.

I have been cursed with dry skin that is prone to breakouts, but I have found that with the right skincare routine combined with staying hydrated, I can save my skin from a frigid hell.

Here is a list (in no particular order) of my holy grail products for the winter….

1. Sisley Rose Toner – I use this toner morning and night after cleansing my face to remove any excess makeup or oils that could clog my pores. It is alcohol free and incredibly gentle which is why it doesn’t dry out my sensitive skin. I would recommend this toner for all skin types!

2. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with avocadoAn eye cream is an essential step in anyone’s skincare routine. The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate so it requires special treatment. This eye cream by Kiehl’s is by far the most hydrating cream that I have ever used. While it has a thick consistency, it will not move out of place and is great for sensitive skin as well as sensitive eyes. I will use this throughout the day–sometimes over my makeup if I need a little hydration. This is like a glass of water for the under eyes.

3. La Mer Moisturizing Soft Lotion- This face lotion has a special place in my heart, and while it may take a chunk out of your wallet, I can honestly say it is worth it. The silk texture and moisturizing power that this lotion has can be attributed to the “Miracle Broth” which claims to heal dryness and soften away age. I like to use this when my skin is particularly dry or sensitive from the cold air or a treatment that I had done (facial, laser, etc). It is so calming and gentle. If you are looking for something a little more hydrating you can opt for the Moisturizing Soft Cream and if you want something lighter you can check out the Moisturizing Soft Gel.

4. M-61 JetGlow Serum – When I want to see an immediate difference in my skin than I turn to this serum. In the winter, the dry weather makes the pigmentation and acne scarring on my cheeks show up more. I will put this serum on at night time and wake up with bright and clear skin. It is truly magic in a bottle.

5. By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Care– Cracked lips can be a thing of the past if you slather this rich lip product over your lips. I have tried every high end and drug store product to protect my lips from the effects of the winter air but nothing has come close to this product. It is so buttery on the lips but does not move around at nighttime which makes it the perfect last step in my skincare routine. It can also be used for cuticles or sometimes I will put it under my nose to heal the chapped skin from blowing my nose too much.

6. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser – I heard about this face cleanser years ago but for some reason never picked it up but thank god I did. If there is one thing I hate about waking up in the morning on a cold winter day is having to wash my face or force myself to get in the shower. But good news…this cleanser is the perfect morning and nighttime face wash that will leave your skin clean and without the tight and dry feeling. It is gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. I leave one by my sink and one in the shower!

7. Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb – This Cream is the perfect nighttime (and some days daytime) moisturizer for the extra dry days. It is so hydrating and incredibly thick without clogging your pores. I used to be scared of thick creams because my skin is so sensitive and although it is dry, my pores get clogged so easily from any thick emollients. But not this one. I prefer to use it at nighttime so I wake up with bouncy, hydrated skin.

8. Aquaphor Healing Ointment – If you have never used Aquaphor or heard the name Aquaphor before than you clearly don’t have dry skin or have never been in the lotion section of the drugstore. Aquaphor should be your best friend all year round, but I give it special attention from November to February. I only use this on my body, but it is truly the best body lotion I have ever used and dermatologists swear by it. No need to spend a ton of cash to keep your skin hydrated!

I hope this guide was helpful for you! These are just a few of my all time favorite products for the winter months. I truly could not live without any of these products. Comment what winter products you can’t live without! I am always on the hunt to review new products that actually work.




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